FALLsonancIA: Using AI+Music to learn about falls!

Could we use AI and Music to influence positive change?

Sure! Read on to find out why and how…

FallsonancIA is part of my experiments to explore the use of AI and MUSIC as a powerful tandem to create awareness about the serious challenges of falls in elder population. Inspired by several elder family members falls accidents, as well as a lifelong passion about math, AI, robots and music.

Under this responsible use case of AI & music, stands a long-term personal multidisciplinary research of innovative AI methods, techniques, and machine learning models to address a range of tasks such as feature extraction, data augmentation, pattern recognition, generative creativity, sonification, AI – “mediated” musical composition and storytelling.

Let music inspire the changes!

[MORE INFO COMING SOON – On November 18th, 2022!]