The Classifier Mastery Game (CMG)

The CHALLENGE: Be yourself the classifier!

I invite you to BECOME a Fall/ADL Classifier… and to compare yourself (“face-off”) against some Artificial Intelligence (AI) models in a classification task. By playing and experimenting with The Classifier Mastery Game (CMG) – a.k.a “Confusion Matrix Game” – you will learn about AI-based classifiers, their performance and related measurement instruments, such as the Confusion Matrix (CM).

What is it like to be a CLASSIFIER?

AI-based (or ML-machine learning based) classifiers are mathematical/computational models that are “trained” in order to “learn” patterns that are embodied in data (often in large datasets), so that when they are presented with new data/samples, they can classify them based on their previous learning (“experience”). To train an AI/ML model, different techniques can be used. In a type of machine learning – known as Supervised Learning – the classes of the samples used during training are known – or as usually said, the samples are “labelled”. Thus, a first step in the creation of an AI-classifier, is actually to “train” it by “showing” it some (labelled) samples.

To ensure “fair-playing” you get a chance to train yourself, which is your first step to “become” a Fall/ADL classifier!

How to PLAY:
  1. TRAIN YOURSELF. Observe the following “labelled” samples of each class: FALLs and ADLs.
  1. TEST YOURSELF. When you first go-to the “PLAY the game” tab (or by pressing the buttom “Start new game”), eight samples of generative artworks will be displayed. Each one is either a FALL or an ADL (Activities of Daily Living: seating, walking, etc.).  As a “classifier”, your job is to “guess” (classify!) each one as FALL or ADL.
  2. CHECK YOUR RESULTS. When you have classified all artworks, click the buttom “Show my Metrics” to see your performnace results. Then click/go-to the “Confusion Matrix & Stats” tab, to learn more…
  3. LEARN MORE. Read the notes & questions in the “Confusion Matrix & Stats” tab; and try/experiment again…
  4. Last but not least, ENJOY & HAVE FUN!

Note: The generative-data-art pieces used in this challenge/game, have been created using several algorithms with sensor data captured from a FALLs and Activities of Daily Living (ADL). Learn more about this project in the About page.

BE yourself the classifier!

Play one game to see your score & statistics.
Steps to BECOME a GREAT classifier:
  1. Get some (more) training in the CHALLENGE tab
  2. Classify each of the artworks above as a FALL or an ADL (Activity of Daily Living). DO YOUR BEST!
  3. Click on “Show My Metrics” to see your results… …and/or go to the “Confusion Matrix” tab to learn more.
  4. Come back to play & experiment again!
What is a Confusion Matrix?

A Confusion Matrix (CM) is a very useful measurement instrument used to understand and communicate the performance of a ML (Machine Learning) – based classifier. The CM below, displays the results of the challenge:

ACTUAL VALUES (classes in the sample)
Positive class (Falls)
Negative class (ADLs)
YOUR predicted values Predicted Falls
True Positive (TP)
False Positive (FP)
Predicted ADLs
False Negative (FN)
True Negative (TN)
Questions and call-to-actions:
  1. Do you think an AI (Artificial Intelligence) could do better than you…?
  2. “Compare” your results against some AI-based models by clicking the “AI Benchmark” button [coming soon].
  3. What could you do to improve your performance…? How could an AI’s performance be improved…?
  4. HOW CAN FALLS BE PREVENTED? …and/or PREDICTED/DETECTED by “AI/ML-based classifiers“?
  5. Play again and try to achieve better results!